3D Roller

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The 3D Rollers works towards enhancing the face contours while dismissing the fine lines and wrinkles. This deep kneading facial massager gives that relaxed radiant glow. This handheld device is sculpted from cooling zinc and aluminium alloys in a silhouette that makes it really easy to maneuver around the contours of the face and neck.

Can be used on dry skin or with any of your skincare products to enhance the results

These reasons will help you understand why you need this 3D Roller!

– Contour your face so it looks youthful
– Sculpts your face to reach that perfect symmetry that you want
– Reduces puffiness and dark circles under your eyes
– Increase blood circulation

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How to use

Gently push and roll the Facial Massager from the center of your face outwards, allowing the wishbone to separate on each side of your jaw.

4 reviews for 3D Roller

  1. Yashaswini

    Thank you so much for these lovely products. I just loved it. Thanks for recommending 3d roller. Its really makes your face feel alive and fresh

  2. Gunjan

    Honest review best 3d roller Visible results In 15 days It reduced so much fat from my face

  3. Gaurisha Adwani

    Omg!! I can’t believe that this roller really works… Muat buy product i can see the difference in a week and using 15-20 minutes daily ..

  4. Kavya Raj

    It’s wonderful and excellent tool for facial and body massage and i will highly recommend this product if you’re seeking any such product

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