Makeup Remover Pad Pro Single

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The Makeup Remover Pad Pro is your eco-friendly makeup remover.
. Reusable and Rewashable
. Can be used up to 200 times
. made from hair-like fibers that are softer than human hair
. Vegan and Cruelty-free🐰

How to use the Makeup Remover Pro Pad
. Just add water to the Pad
. Move it in a circular motion on your face
. Pop it in the washing machine once makeup is removed


5 reviews for Makeup Remover Pad Pro Single

  1. Gazal

    This makeup removing pad from milagro beauty is just super super soft and awesome.. This is reusable upto 200 times You don’t need any cleanser or just need to dip and soak out the water and then swipe on your face ..i couldn’t believe it earlier but just used it today and it did wonders..just cleaned the makeup in 2 swipes..

  2. Sabhreeya

    Just damp this makeup remover pad in water and use it. All the makeup will come out so easily without any hassle that too without any cleanser. Thank you milagro

  3. Aarti Nagpal

    I just came from outside and I had done a heavy makeup I tried removing it with milagro makeup remover pad pro and damn, it is superb, it removed my makeup effortlessly

  4. kirti

just soak it in water and it is ready to be used. It works amazingly and is super soft.

  5. Zainab khan

    Best makeup remover pad

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