Makeup Remover Pad (Single)

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For the 1st time ever in India presenting “Makeup Remover Pads” by Milagro. Made with millions of tiny hair like fiber creating a suction for all the after makeup dirt in your pores.

This one can be washed upto 200 times, easily a replacement of almost 500 makeup wipes and we are definitely giving this one some extra browny points, as it does not require any cleaning milk or makeup remover.


How to use it

Step 1 – Add some water to the makeup remover pad

Step 2 – Start removing the makeup using the pad and your done

Step 3 – Wash it again with water after using

Who can use it



5 reviews for Makeup Remover Pad (Single)

  1. Jiya

    I tried to remove the swatched matte liquid lipstick and concealer from my hand since both of these products are hardest to remove and it came off so smoothly. I love this <3

  2. Surbhi

    Your makeup remover pad is just wow! Trust me when I am saying this, since I am really bad at giving reviews or praising stuff because I just can’t put my feelings into words. I loved both your oils, yours sunblocker, but this pad is above them all. Thank you for existing

  3. Diksha

    Thank you for always delivering in no time. I have used almost all Milagro products, and I am really happy

  4. Neha Jain

    one wipe and it is all out. It’s an amazing product. This product is even good for environment by helping people for not to go for makeup wipes, which are so bad for the environment, most of them are not even eco-friendly.

    It is so easy to use and carry, and does what it is suppose to do.

  5. Sanya Madan

    What a miraculous product Nikita, I removed my makeup using this pad and it was effortless, it removed my entire makeup in just 1 swipe. Took out my red lipstick as well without smudging it. I am in absolute awe of it, thank you for coming up with amazing products always. My mom was telling me that we should stop using the other high end skincare brands and stick to Milagro as its results are like no other products.

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