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When we say we care about you; we just don’t say it, we mean it, that is why we created The Milagro Beauty Hydrogel Sunblocker☀☂. It’s an innovative sunscreen which is totally non-greasy and provides the skin with a boost of moisture💧 without making it look oily🧴. The ultra lightweight matte formula sinks within seconds into the skin. A magical concoction of 11 exotic essential oils and extracts, the all new Hydrogel Sunblocker is a powerful formula that exhibits:

  • Carrot seed oil🥕: Rich in vitamins A and E, helps heal dry and chapped skin, contains antiseptic qualities and offers SPF of 38-40. Suitable for all skin types.
  • Raspberry seed oil 🍇: Our star ingredient that acts as a natural sunblock offering a Sun Protection Factor of 28-50, fights age spots, wrinkles and premature aging. Also combats sun damage and photo aging.
  • Jojoba oil 🍈: Closely resembles skin’s natural sebum, making it an ideal replenishment oil. Contains anti-inflammatory Myristic acid with SPF 4.
  • Lemongrass essential oil🌱: Provides strong anti-oxidant properties. Contains natural vitamin C & E which makes it effective at blocking both UV A & UV B radiations.
  • Wheat germ oil🌾: Helps support healthy collagen formation, maintains an even skin tone and fights free radicals. Helps repair cell damage and provides SPF 20.
  • Turmeric oil🌼: Has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties.
    Basil essential oil🍃: Enhances luster in dull looking skin and can help prevent acne.

Time to bid adieu👋🏻 to chemically derived☢, nasty smelling🧫, tacky feeling🍯 and white cast leaving👻 SPF’s…

How to use it

Step 1 – Take a little amount of sunblock on to your finger

Step 2 – Apply it in dots all over your face or any other body part that might get exposed to sun

Step 3 – Massage in an upward circular motion until completely absorbed

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10 reviews for Milagro – Hydrogel Sunblocker

  1. Himanshi

    Its my 4th bottle and i’m absolutely loving it. It has actually done wonders to my skin! My skin has actually now started to breathe, infact my skin has never felt so good before. This is miraculous indeed. Even i’ve tried your sunblocker, that’s too is sooo amazing. I just can’t thank milagro enough Gonna try more products from your range super soon

  2. Nishtha

    Bestttt thingg i bought from you seriously… I apply this daily on my face and apart from
    sunscreen i think it controlling my breakouts also. just love this product –

  3. Dipali

    Hey!! I have been using your hydrogel sunscreen for a while now and works wonder. It does what it says. Loving the texture: Fragrance, light and everything about it. Thanks, for suggesting this amazing product and i have been religiously using it with my Clinique moisturiser and after that finishes as i promised i m definitely going to try your milagro oil as i could see wonderful reviews of that product as well. And hydrogel sunblocker I am going to order my second bottle super soon!! Thanks for making such wonderful genuine products with no chemicals.-

  4. Ariba

    I’ve been using the milagro hydrogel sunblock from 4 days. This sunblock has performed wonderfully as a primer too love the Rose fragrance it has. So, soothing on skin. It doesn’t make my skin oily or
    dull like other sunscreens. I’ve a sensitive to dry skin type & this product makes my skin so
    hydrating as well as makeup ready when i use it in combination with the Milagro beauty pure essential oil. –

  5. Bani

    Also, from my past experience i never am able to order the same sun block again… since it doesn’t suit … and believe me i have tried alot … but this one i love it … you have an amazing product with you.❤

  6. Nandini

    I have never used such amazing sunblocker trust me, it’s much more better then that international products. This one smells like divine, very subtle yet nice and also as it’s gel based you’ll not find any sort of creamy layer on your face which is absolutely good for all skin types. Best no doubt BEST PRODUCT!! A must have for everyone because in this season we always skip soo many steps as moisturiser and oil but if you have this you won’t require anything! guess before makeup! Really love this!

  7. Japneet

    I am too in love with all the products all I use is milagro starting from face wash to sunblock (literally every product available) even the cotton sponge There is no going back all the products are amazing and makes the skin so healthy Please continue making such amazing products

  8. Zainab

    I am here to review my Recent order from Milagro beauty (ie Be Good to your skin
    Sunblock:I really love this product of yours its Hydrating plus matte, smells divine, Dries like Magic
    Vit C serum:I have never used Vit C before but i can see so much difference in my skin texture
    Toner: love its fragrance, and how it makes my skin fresh Loving all the products

  9. Himanshi

    It’s been long since i am using your hydro gel sunblock and it is amazing. I mean I just want to thank you so much for such a fantastic product. It is super light on Skin, absorbs so well and give a hint of
    glow specially since i am suffering from severe acne i am feeling blessed to have found your sunblocker. Thank you—

  10. Neha

    Hey nikita How are you?
    I just want to thank you for the milagro sunblock!! It’s the best sunblock I’ve tried.
    The fragrance is so amazing and refreshing, leaving the skin moisturised and non-greasy –

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