Milagro Pure Essential Oil 15ml

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MILAGRO BEAUTY OIL is a MIRACULOUS product infused with 24k real gold leaves and added anti-aging benefits.


Gold not only gives a beautiful, glowing and youthful skin but it also slows down the collagen depletion,

Increases skin’s elasticity,

Lightens the skin’s complexion,

Stimulates the cells making the skin firm,

Improves blood circulation and prevents premature aging,

Moisturizer for all skin types,

 For wrinkles & tanning.


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12 reviews for Milagro Pure Essential Oil 15ml

  1. Arpita Tuli

    I have received my oil and it is amazing. It makes my skin feels super soft and most importantly smells amazing. I am in love with this.

  2. Achala

    Thank you so much for this amazing product. My skin feels so fresh! This light textured oil is perfect for acne prone skin.

  3. Shikha Kansal

    I purchased the oil from Nykaa, I must say the result was beyond my expectations. I am so glad that I have gave it a try, I am so happy with my skin and the results. I have fallen in love with the oil and the fragrance of the oil is super amazing!

  4. Sunita Kapoor

    Makeup or no-makeup! Milagro essential oil is my favourite for the skin. It nourishes just the way it needs to be. Always a go-to before makeup. I am literally addicted to it.

  5. Karishma Grover

    Best oil ever. Would suggest everyone to try this!

  6. Manmeet

    This oil is doing wonders to my skin. On the very first application, I could see the instant glow on my face, and yes it smells heavenly. Love, love it!

  7. Meetali

    My skin was all dry and flaky but now the dryness is gone and I am so happy. Thank you so much.

  8. Zaiba Kanz

    Thank you so much for this product, I am going to order few more soon. Would highly recommend this product to everyone.

  9. Manmeet

    This oil is doing wonders to my skin. On the very first application, I could see the instant glow on my face, and yes it smells heavenly.

  10. Sangeeta Banga

    I am very hesitant to apply any oil on my skin but I thought of giving order after reading so many positive reviews. So I would like to mention that, trying this product is the best decision I have taken and it feels totally worth it. It gives glow to the skin and balance the skin texture too. Simply loving it, thank you for this.

  11. Saroj

    Thankew so much I just love the product I had so much serious issue with my foundation It use to look cakey but now m so happy after using this oil I used primers also but they didn’t helped So this oil is life saver for me

  12. Abiha Zenab

    So I have been using this oil since a month now, earlier I was sceptical about using it since my skin gets oily in summers and using oil scared me a little. But this magic potion literally did wonders to my skin like no other, it has become soft and subtle, the elasticity of my skin has increased and it looks radiant and glowy. I use it for my chapped lips too and it works wonders! Summing it up, it is the best product.

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