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MILAGRO BEAUTY OIL is a MIRACULOUS product infused with 24k real gold leaves and added anti-aging benefits.


Gold not only gives a beautiful, glowing and youthful skin but it also slows down the collagen depletion,

Increases skin’s elasticity,

Lightens the skin’s complexion,

Stimulates the cells making the skin firm,

Improves blood circulation and prevents premature aging,

Moisturiser for all skin types,

 For wrinkles & tanning.


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Hero Ingredients



The infusion of 24k gold leaves helps in gaining back the missing glow along with improving the skin elasticity.


Rich in vitamin A, D, E and K, can keep the delicate skin under the eyes smooth without irritating it, lightens the dark circles under your eyes and puffiness.


Geranium essential oil has indicated that its antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties make it beneficial for reducing acne breakouts, skin irritation and skin infection.

Sunflower oli

it is a non-comedogenic carrier oil which is highly aborbent and won’t clog pores. it’s non- irritating for most people, and can be used on all types of skin, including dry, normal, oily and acne-prone

How to use

Step 1 – Clean your face.
Step 2 – Either apply it directly on your skin or use a carrier oil.
Step 3 – Rest, rejuvenate.

What to expect

1) Lightening of skin’s complexion.
2) Stimulation of cells in making the skin firm.
3) Elimination of wrinkles and tanning.

Suitable for skin

Suitable for all skin types.


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22 reviews for Milagro Pure Essential Oil

  1. Himanshi

    Its my 4th bottle and i’m absolutely loving it. It has actually done wonders to my skin! My skin has actually now started to breathe, infact my skin has never felt so good before. This is miraculous indeed. Even i’ve tried your sunblocker, that’s too is sooo amazing. I just can’t thank milagro enough Gonna try more products from your range super soon

  2. Harpreet

    Great product!”
    It actually works. My skin has become so beautiful and glowy ever since I’ve been using this. Smells amazing too! It has a thin consistency. You only need 2-3 drops. You can even mix it with your moisturizer. It is working really well in the winter and summers both.

  3. Mandeep

    Really love this my skin is supper dry but this give life to my skin

  4. Komal

    Miracle serum indeed”
    It comes in a beautiful bottle which is attractive. It is a non sticky n non greasy facial oil. It blends very well into the skin. It has a beautiful fragrance which I love a lot. It makes skin glowing, Mine is combination type of skin n also sensitive. It has worked a lot on my skin. In few days only it has given me a visible difference in my skin. I m just loving it. Thanks to milagro for this awesome product.

  5. Lovely

    Loved it”
    A really good product. Very light. You just need 2-3 drops for your
    entire face and neck. I’ve been using it for 2 months now and I do feel a difference. My skin does feel good. I did have some dark patches around my eyes which seem to have lightened. I like this product

  6. Ronita

    Loved it” Absolutely amazing. You need 2-3 drops for your entire face and neck. It’s so light you wouldn’t even feel it. Amazing smell. My face feels amazing after using it.

  7. Tannu

    This is the best product of milagro!!This is my second purchase. In
    love with this oil. Thanks milagro. I also got a makeup remover pad pro free under an offer.!!!!TYSM

  8. Preeti

    It’s really magic..” Really awesome result in just 2 skin is just glowing and im loving it..thanks milagro

  9. Jiya

    This oil is amazing 24k gold is really very useful product… It really
    nourishes my skin and also make my skin glow…

  10. Yashii

    This is the very first time I have started using any facial oil and I am happy to say that I am quite satisfied.I have a combination skin and tried the oil for dull & dry skin though my skin is normal not too dry but this oil worked great for my skin type.I use it after bathe and before bedtime and found it so nourishing and hydrating and it also gives a natural glow to my skin that I absolutely love.I lalso loved the smell and it feels so light on your skin.Will order more in future.

  11. Unnati

    A facial oil with 24k gold flakes, this stunner is organic with gold flakes, which makes this the best facial oil for glowing skin. The oil blend helps your skin to regenerate and repair. You’ll see a reduction the appearance of fine lines, hyperpigmentation and visibly firmer skin! I love adding a drop of this oil to my makeup and moisturiser daily. It gives your skin a gorgeous glow without using highlighter!

  12. Garima

    I’ve been using the oil for a few months now.. I use it every other day and my skin feels good every time I use it. I apply it at night and the next morning, my skin feels supple and nourished. If you have dry skin, go for it. And the product is quite lightweight as well. Doesn’t feel sticky.

  13. Fatima

    This is superb cool…. No words to explain.. Awesome milagro… Just loved it… It really makes the skin glow and looks nourished… Moreover, once we apply,face doesn’t look like some oily thing
    is applied. Also it’s bottle has got that real Gold like shiny look too

  14. Nitisha

    It feels so light on the skin and has amzing results… nourishes the skin
    very nicely and comes in a really cute packaging… should try it for sure.

  15. Zareen

    Love this product It’s very beautiful Fragrance omg love this

  16. Piya

    I am in love with this product it does wonder for dry nd dull skin..even u
    can also used it on normal skin to add shine or glow..❤️

  17. Lina

    I just love its texture, it’s non-sticky, blends very well in skin. Gives glow.
    It can also be used before application of foundation so that u can have a dewy finish. I have combination skin and I liked this product. It contains a good smell too. You can give it a try.

  18. Aleena

    “In love with the product”
    The oil add glow to the face. Love the fragrance and the essence of the oil. I would recommend it 10/10 for daily application after cleaning your face or before applying makeup. It adds glow to the makeup look and give you a subtle shine.

  19. Komal

    Fragrance is too good it feels so light on skin ♥️♥️♥️

  20. Jenny

    Loved it” This product is so good in love with it thanx milagro for such an amazing product❤

  21. Simran

    Wow to Glow boosting Really nice this oil is. Gives an dewy glow on it’s very first application, just love it’s texture and this oil is light on skin. It really boosts your in love with it.♥️

  22. Janya

    Awsmm product”
    Pure essential oil 24kgold facial oil really very useful product. I have a oily nd sensetive skin so before i use this oil I’m jst little bit worried bt after using this facial oil it makes my skin glowing nd hydrated…. I’m loving this facial oil….❤️

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