Milagro – Under Eye Essential Oil – 10 ml

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Say goodbye to puffy eyes, dark circles, and under-eye wrinkles with our 24k gold leaves infused oil. The features included are that it

-Clears out pigmentation, dark circles, and blemishes
-Fights effects of stress and restores radiance
-Helps in toning and firming the skin around the eyes
-Mitigates fine lines and prevents the appearance of wrinkles
-Is specially formulated to suit all skin types


How to use it

Step 1 – Using the roll on apply the oil under the eyes before going to bed

Step 2 – Massage in a circular motion smoothly

Step 3 – Wash your face in the morning when you wakeup

Who can use it



7 reviews for Milagro – Under Eye Essential Oil – 10 ml

  1. Garima

    I have used milagro under eye oil for 3 days and I can see a significant change in my eyes.
My dark circles have reduced to a great extent, I already knew that the oil will work cuz I trust Milagro,
but couldn’t believe that it would work this fast, Thank you so much for this.

  2. Kajal

    I have recently tried the under eye oil and I must say it is amazing, it is so moisturizing and makes my under eye skin so smooth.

  3. kriteeja

    I am in love with the under oil. I use it every night before going to bed and it has an amazing impact. Keeps my eyes hydrated. I don’t wake up with puffy eyes anymore and it smells great. Highly recommended.

  4. kritika Sharma

    Hi I am in love with the under eye essential oil. It worked so well for me, I had severe dark circles before but now they are reduced to a great extent. Thank You so much for introducing this wonderful oil

  5. Chetna Chhabra

    I have been using the under eye oil for a while now and I must say it is amazing. I had such a dry under eye that it used to hurt, now it’s a lot better and super fine all thanks to Milagro Under eye oil.
Definitely gonna suggest more people.

  6. Sristi

    I have been using under eye essential oil for dark circles and pigmentation and Wa Lah it actually worked. I have too many dark circles and have tried almost all the products in the world, at last I thought that I have to live with the same no matter what but trust me after trying milagro undereye oil I am super happy with the results. Thank you so much Milagro

  7. Shweta Sharma

    Hey dear
    I just wanted to say that your Milagro under eye essential oil is really amazing I always used to think that my stubborn dark circle will never leave me but now because of this amazing product they have started to fade away. It’s truly a miracle oil. Thanks

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