Pineapple Face cleanser

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A miraculous gel based cleanser made with a combination of Pineapple, orange, Neem, Aloe Vera gel and Pineapple oil. A non-foaming formula that helps maintain the PH levels of your skin. Thoroughly cleanses while it purifies and refines pores to maintain a clear complexion, without irritation. Skin is left clear and glowing with reduction of dead cells, toxins without stripping the natural skin oils and moisture.

How to use it

Step 1 – Dispense one pump into wet palms

Step 2 – Massage in a circular motion gently for a minute, so that product gets absorbed in the skin

Step 3 – Wash it with water

Who can use it



10 reviews for Pineapple Face cleanser

  1. Japneet

    I am too in love with all the products all I use is milagro starting from face wash to sunblock (literally every product available) even the cotton sponge There is no going back all the products are amazing and makes the skin so healthy Please continue making such amazing products

  2. Arpita

    Dear Nikita, the way you explained for every product details by using
    Them, is perfectly true. After using once my skin is so hydrated seriously. This pineapple
    cleanser is my #newfavourite in Milagro beauty now. LOVE LOVE –

  3. Rosy

    This cleanser is so good. It makes my skin so soft & smooth after I cleanse my face, my skin feels so refresh… And it smells really good.

  4. Amita

    Hey, been using the facial cleanser for about a week now and i have to
    say, it made my skin so smooth. It literally makes my skin shine.
    Also, my blackheads seem to appear less which is absolutely amazing
    Thank you for this.

  5. Shiza

    After washing face with cleanser my skin stays so hydrated. I mean even in this winter season
    also, I don’t feel like applying anything.

  6. Shumaila

    Your milagro cleanser is AMAZING. This is the first non-foaming cleanser I’ve
    used and initially I was a little skeptical about it. But omg the texture of this face
    wash is so smooth. The best part it doesn’t dries out my skin after washing my face
    and I don’t feel an immediate need to apply moisturizer like it used to specially during
    Delhi winters. It makes my skin baby soft and glowing. So glad to have Milagro skin care routine it has changed my skin game. Thank you keep the new products coming in.

  7. Lavaa

    Hey, Just tried out the pineapple facial cleanser by Milagro and it felt so good on my skin. It smells great and had a cooling effect on my skin. Hoping this works to reduce my acne

  8. Neha

    It’s an amazing cleanser smells so good and it makes my skin super soft. Yes love Thanks for putting a lot of efforts in creating this heavenly products

  9. Gunjan

    Your every product leave me speechless after using pineapple cleanser my skin is felling baby soft big thumbs up to every milagro product

  10. Rubina

    Pineapple face cleanser is so soft, the gel based formula is just too good-

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